Indy!!! ....Christopher Braddock (WIP)

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Indy!!! ....Christopher Braddock (WIP) Empty Indy!!! ....Christopher Braddock (WIP)

Post by GeneralArin on Wed Apr 29, 2015 11:57 pm

Name: Christopher "Indy" Braddock

Age: 17

Years at Academy: 5

Family: Camille and Kenneth Braddock

Christopher had always been a quiet child in a modest family house. Indy bonded with his wisp at the early age of 10 years old, but other than a few oddities here and there, no one really knew he had powers until around two years later. At 12 he was brought to the academy, where he met several people of all sorts. Despite being polite and studious, he found himself lots of mischief with the help of his wisp and a certain Axel Stone. Now, five years later he's the official teaching assistant of Carver, and helps with the training simulator room. 

Physical Appearance: Indy is built like a bear. He's 6'4, and broad-shouldered, with an additional bulk to pad his frame. He has curly brown hair that is long enough to flare around the ears. He's usually seen with a leather jacket on, which is part of the reason for his nickname. He usually slouches, which makes him appear slightly shorter and bulkier than he actually his.

Personality: Christopher is meek and quiet, prefering to work steadily in the background than anything else. He is polite, and tries to follow the rules whenever they apply. He's very agreeable, sometimes to a fault. Christopher is very reserved, and usually doesn't say much to strangers or acquaintances. However, in contrast with his stoic appearance, he's very friendly and has a wry sense of humor that he readily applies. If he's with someone he's very comfortable with, he'll open up significantly more. Otherwise, only expect to hear him automatically correcting misstatments, then drop back to quietly listen to the rest of the conversation. Indy is also rather perceptive, and can think on his feet when required, but very much prefers to have a plan of action. 

Wisp: "Tony" is a very vocal, very social wisp. He enjoys his interactions with his host, but thinks Indy needs to interact more with other human beings. So he helps a little. (Though Indy doesn't always appreciate such 'help'.) Whether it's psychically shifting something or projecting a thought or two to another person, he sporatically puts Indy on the spot for social interactions. He's both curious and adventurous, and often misapplies his calculating logic to random flights of fantasy, which Indy has to promptly veto. 

Wisp Class: Sage

Powers: The complete psychic package. Christopher has telekinesis and telepathy. His telepathy is more than simply reading thoughts; but also altering someone's perception, memory and mental state. He can make someone hear something they didn't (or not notice something they did), manipulate memories to forget sensitive or harmful information, or render them unconscious all together. 

Weakness: With great power comes great responsibility, as well as the need for focus and time. As the task gets more difficult, more concentration is required to complete it properly. One person of affect is easier than multiple, and a lighter mass is easier to move than a larger mass. As a more personal restriction, Christopher prefers not to unnecessarily use telepathy on someone else, even if they give permission. People's minds are private!

Talents: Christopher is observant and intelligent, and is very good at retaining information and academically skilled. 

Other: Indy is Carver's assistant, and helps monitor the simulation. He also runs missions with Axel and the other older students.

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