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Name: Felicia “Julia”nna Everett

Age: 16

Years at Academy: Just arriving (0)

Family: William Everett (father), Angelica Everett (mother)

History: Julia was born and raised in La Jolla, California, a satellite community off of San Diego. With her mother as a well-known talent agent and her father a TV producer, Julia fit right in with the idyllic community. Though her parents showered her with whatever their money could buy (which was notably a lot), they were normally always busy and “didn’t have enough time” for their daughter. The first four years of her life was mainly spent with a nanny or in day care. It got better when she started going to school and made friends. She was always one of the most popular girls in her schools, especially once it hit middle school. However, being ignored by her parents the majority of the time gave her a certain bitter twinge, and left her with a certain feeling of insecurity deep down. She normally always hides it by acting the way she does, however. It was a little after eighth grade started that she bonded with her wisp and was granted her powers of ice control. She would mess around with her powers when she was alone and such, but never really told her parents, who never noticed, anyway. It wasn’t until she was 16 that she was discovered by the Academy scouts, and when she tried to finally explain her powers to her parents, they didn’t seem all that troubled at sending her off to a boarding school for “her kind” a few states up in Montana. Julia isn’t too happy to be moving all of a sudden and enrolling at Lakeview High School, along with having to attend a mysterious “Academy,” but she’ll make it. That is, after all, what alpha California girls are all about.

Physical Appearance: Is a bit tall for a girl at 5’7”, with slender attributes and barely above average breast size. She has curly red hair that falls to her chest and sharp, but striking gold eyes. She has pale skin with freckling all over her arms and shoulders, but nowhere else. Hailing from sunny California, she usually wears tanks, halters or spaghetti straps with shorts, skirts, or capris, and sandals or flats for footwear. However, it being colder in Montana, she’s also taken to wearing warmer, but still very stylish clothing. She wears minimal makeup, mainly just mascara for a natural look.

Personality: Julia has a bit of the stereotypical, rich snobby girl attitude, along with the snooty air of a private school socialite. But underneath that constant face, she’s just about as insecure as the next girl, with a big gaping hole that was never filled by “Mommy” and “Daddy.” However, she hides this from all but her Wisp, Sylvia, usually being mean towards kids that are younger and ones she deems less popular than herself (which most people are). She’s smart and does fairly well in school, but keeps up a constant demeanor of being bored or annoyed throughout it.  While she doesn’t like genuinely associating with “losers,” she will enlist adoring fans and the odd male sucker to do things for her and fulfill her whims.

Wisp: Julia met her Wisp when she was about thirteen and a half, a little after eighth grade started for her. She was alone on her bedroom balcony when the Wisp blipped up and started playing in her hair. Julia thought it was annoying at first, but its adorableness soon grew on her. She named it Sylvia, off of its glowing silver color, and the little Wisp bonded with her a few days later. Sylvia is Julia’s one true confidante, being more of a loner Wisp that understands solitude and feeling alone. Sylvia is only a little older than Julia, in Wisp terms, and mainly communicates with Julia when they’re alone, though it will make the occasional comment here and there.

Wisp Class: Elemental

Powers: Control over the element of ice. Can conjure it and manipulate it all throughout her body (not just with her hands). Can cool her own and other’s body temperatures down either to hibernate to heal, or to completely stop the heart, but this takes quite a bit of time to do correctly.

Weakness: Julia’s defense can almost immediately be broken down if asked about her parents on a more personal level, and she can get flustered if the legitimacy of her actions and/or her lifestyle are seriously questioned.

Talents: Julia has a knack for getting what she wants. She also loves to draw fashion designs, and wants to become a designer one day. She has an eye for decorating and making things look well put-together. As a plus, while she loved living in California, she also loves ice skating and has been taking classes for it since she was a kid.

Other: Hates her real name, because it means "lucky," and she really doesn't think she was all that lucky to practically grow up without parents. And that weakness might change once I know her better...
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