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Name: Gypsy Gwendolyn Venir

Age: 14

Years at Academy: 4

Family: Violetta “Vivi” Venir (mother)

History: Gypsy didn’t have the greatest childhood in the world. She was born out of wedlock to Violetta Venir, and not even her mother knows who her father was due to being wasted most nights she went home with anyone from the casino. Gypsy didn’t necessarily have a horrible home life, but it wasn’t exactly one good for nurturing a little girl, either. Her mother was always nice to her, except maybe on the occasions that she came home drunk, but she neglected Gypsy more than anything else. Once Gypsy was able to start feeding herself, Vivi spent less and less time taking care of her, and more time gambling at the casinos in Las Vegas, Nevada where they lived. The main interactions she got were when she started going to school. Gypsy always tried to express her crazy side, but she was seen as weird by most of the other kids and was normally either teased or left out from the rest of them. She didn’t get her first real friend until she was eight years old, when she met her wisp.
         Gypsy was trying to entertain herself alone at home one night when the wisp came along. It was a moment of luck that the window to her bedroom happened to be open, it was a windy night, and the wisp happened to be floating past nearby. It blew into her room and bumped into her, startling her at first, but she liked things that were different. And this little blippy glowy thing was actually rather funny. Considering how lucky it was they met with each other and started getting along, the wisp bonded with Gypsy almost immediately. She named him Puck. Gypsy wasn’t aware that anything happened when he bonded with her, and she didn’t really notice anything different for a while. Or at least, other than people at school seemed to be nicer. Suddenly, she started getting other friends. It was kind of weird, but it made Gypsy happy. She tried telling her mother about it, but Vivi thought it was just childish imagination. It wasn’t until about a year later that her mother figured out something was up.
        Her mother was having her gambling friends over one night. Her friends thought it would be fun and amusing to teach Gypsy how to play poker just for the heck of it, so they sat her down and taught her. But the strange thing was, her first game…she actually won. And then the one after that. And the one after that. Vivi didn’t know what to think of it. Some weeks later she had Gypsy buy a lottery ticket for her—and she came to find a few days later that she won it, for 15,000 dollars. Whether Vivi believed in Gypsy’s wisp friend or not, suddenly she was obsessed—Gypsy was her secret weapon. She never lost with her. This came to be a problem, however. Vivi almost never let Gypsy do anything else, and she started making her skip school just to come to the casinos with her. They started raking in money, but suddenly…Gypsy was no longer happy.
         Vivi’s treatment of Gypsy basically got to the point of abuse. Not the obvious kind, but in a much deeper way. Gypsy was scared of her mom, and what would happen if she didn’t do what she wanted. Puck didn’t like how his energy gifts were being used, either, and he wanted to protect Gypsy. He encouraged her that the best thing to do was run away. So when Gypsy got the chance, she did. She was only a little over 9 years old at this point, and it wasn’t until she turned 10 that Academy scouts found her on the streets. Despite them wanting to take Gypsy back to Vivi to ask for permission for her to come to the Academy, Gypsy begged them not to, for fear that Vivi wouldn’t allow it out of her crazed greed and gambling problem. For the time being, Gypsy was taken back to the Academy until things could be figured out. While she was there, she met an older student that had already been attending the Academy for a year—Axel Stone. Ax befriended her and, recognizing that they came from fairly similar backgrounds, became close to her after some time—becoming something of an older brother to Gypsy. While Enrique and the Academy were figuring out serious things and in a long process with the law to gain custody of her, Gypsy was accepted into the mischievous duo (now trio) of Axel and—unfortunately—Adrian (now the Great Illusionist). Despite her shier nature, Ax and Adrian really brought her out of herself. They got into all sorts of trouble together, like Adrian convincing Gypsy she should turn her long golden curls into dreads and dying them multi-colored.
         The Academy helped Gypsy discover the full extent of her powers, though she’s still learning what exactly goes into her psychometry and how far she can push the limits while manipulating probabilities. Adrian has of course since left the Academy, but she still remains close to Ax, and has made many more friends within the Academy over the years.

Physical Appearance: Gypsy is pretty average height at about 5’4, and she’s got a fairly average build—not super skinny, but not a noticeable amount of extra weight. Being at the Academy for four years, she’s built up quite a bit of strength, however. Gypsy makes up for the averageness of the rest of her appearance, however, through her hair: her hair is in long dreads that taper off to below her chest, and they’re died a crazy assortment of colors—tangerine orange, sea foam green, aquamarine blue, bubblegum pink, and coral. She often twists the separately-colored dreads to make different colored swirls, and she’s quite the sight to see down the hallway. Besides that, she has hazel eyes that are somewhere between light brown and green, and skin that’s on the paler side. And she really liked wearing stripes and legwarmers.

Personality: Despite Gypsy being rather crazy and random, she’s actually more of an introvert. She enjoys being with other people, but values her time alone with Puck, probably stemming back a lot to her being alone most of her childhood. Gypsy has learned to embrace a lot of herself and just do what her weird impulses tell her to, but she still has a lot of issues with confidence. She gets really insecure when comparing herself to other girls, and is especially self-conscious about boys in the romantic sense. She’s more of a tomboy and mainly hangs out with guys, like Ax, but anything involving crushing and attraction really get to her. She’s fairly naïve in this area. Besides that, though, she’s a fairly regular mischief-maker along with Ax.

Wisp: Gypsy was always a pretty weird kid, and she attracted a pretty weird wisp. Puck is a bit eccentric—a trait normally more associated with Matter wisps, but Puck is pretty one of a kind. He’s got a rather big attitude, with an opinion and mouth to match, and he’s sometimes a bit pushy with Gyp. But he’s also got a big heart, and cares about what’s best for Gypsy above all else. He’s got quite the character overall, though.

Wisp Class: Sage

Powers: Gypsy’s main power is probability manipulation—the ability to alter probability, causing unlikely things to happen, or likely things not to happen. As a smaller side power, she also has a bit of psychometry, where she can receive images of emotion and memories of a person if they’re particularly strong. This can delve into both past and present, depending on the situation. For instance, someone could be in an extreme emotional state because they’re thinking of a loved one that had passed several years ago. By coming in contact with their skin, Gypsy would receive an image of the memory and the emotions tied to it. As for present, if someone was currently having a high emotion, like love or extreme hate, Gypsy would get an image of the thought that triggered that emotion. Gypsy can also receive these images by coming into contact with an object that a person was specifically holding (as opposed to off-handedly touching) while experiencing their emotions. However, she wouldn’t be able to discern whom the memory/emotion belonged to unless there was context in the image that would allow her to figure it out.

Weakness: Gypsy is very insecure of herself and about feeling accepted. One might think from her bold hair and get-up and her bouncier personality that she was a fairly confident person, but she is actually extremely sensitive about whether people like her or not. She’s especially insecure about boys and relationships.

Talents: Gypsy can fit her entire fist in her mouth. Wanna see? She’ll probably show you whether you give your consent or not. She’s also pretty pro at roller-skating, considering she goes around in skates just about everywhere. Heelies were her best friend as a child.

Other: Gypsy likes to dip her pizza in her soda and/or an assortment of other things before eating it. She also tends to eat weird combinations of food in general, like orange juice in her cereal.
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