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Post by Axel The Bunny on Sun Aug 03, 2014 1:23 pm

These are the general rules of the academy IC, not required rules by the site. However, if you wanna avoid getting in trouble and having your character face some kind of punishment (beware Ri's wrath) it is recommended that you follow them. Along with these, instructors may have some rules of their own during training sessions. Remember these aren't technically required for you to follow, there will be no penalty for breaking them, except for potentially IC punishment, which depends on if your character gets caught or not. [Note from Ceru: Ri will most likely catch you. She knows things.]

Academy Rules
1)      Nobody is allowed to enter the dorm area of the other gender (of course).
2)      The simulation room is off limits unless given strict permission and/or supervision from an instructor.
3)      No using powers outside of the grounds of the Academy unless in immediate danger.
4)      Non-Esper guests are forbidden from entering the grounds unless permitted by  instructors (this pertains to scheduled visits from family, friends from school will NOT be allowed access no matter the circumstances.)
5)      Tell nobody about Wisps or Espers.
6)      Personal fights are not permitted, especially using powers.
7)      Students should not touch any of the vehicles in the garage unless given direct clearance from instructors.
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