Kace "Ajax" Chambers (Teacher app[more like wants to be a teacher])

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Kace "Ajax" Chambers (Teacher app[more like wants to be a teacher]) Empty Kace "Ajax" Chambers (Teacher app[more like wants to be a teacher])

Post by Ikarus on Tue Jul 19, 2016 10:45 am

Name:Kace "Ajax" Chambers

Age: 23

Years at Academy:13(final Year for him)

Family: Matt Chambers(Father/Alive) Jessica Chambers(mother/Dead) Ellisabeth Chambers(Mother Esper[Sage class] Dead) Erica(Mother Esper[Sage class] alive)

History: Being raised by a family who originally did not want you is sure to be a blast right. Wrong. Kace was born by accident, his father being drunk at the time and his mother as well, the moment they found out he was there they resented him, but at a young age, he bonded with a wisp, and though this he was able to endure, a loving voice always with him, to guide him. After two years of living Irish them, his mother died in a accident, with him in the care, and his father blamed him, saying it was his fault. The young boy was then forced into adoption, and was unhappy with it at the age of two. After a few month he was adopted by a nice lady, name Elissabeth,  whom ended up after a year of having him, married his father, whom he forgotten about, now going by Ajax(the name his new mother gave him because he was strong fro his age) his old father had no idea it was him and welcomed him into the family. Only after a year did Ellisabeth figure out that not only was Kace a esper, but what he was to be in the future, and she tried her best to raise him and train him in his unusual power. But during one such training, Kace went over board, and thus, killed his mother on accident. After being thought his at the age of 6 Kace knew he was cursed(while he just had bad luck) and he tried to stay away from his father, and his new wife after only 4 months passed. Erica, was an esper over memories, and ended up helping Kace though, and she wiped his memories, or swapped the image of his old mother with Herself, so that the despair Kace held would dissipate. Only after another 4 years did he finally get over his new mum, and ended up finding a letter stowed away in his pack, after school. It read about a school named Hawthorne opened up, and was attempting to get him going, and his mother begged for him to go. He finally accepted it, and went. Kace was part of the first generation and grew close to some of his friends, and even the instructor. To the point that he himself wanted to help train the new students when they appeared. After training his power to the point of near mastery, Kace finally decided to attempt a clash, and even with some minor anger issues in the clash, he felt like he helped his teach. After spending the next few year learning all he could, he finally at 9 year into his time went to the Headmaster, asking for a position to teach as a teacher. He was declined saying he him self was not ready, and he needed to study under one of the staff, and so with his approval when it reached his final year, Kace could become an apprentice to any of the teachers, and study under them. That year has finally came, and even though he picked up smoking, Kace has never felt better.

Physical Appearance: Kace is a tall blonde man, coming to 6'5 with a smirk on his face. His hair is just barely past his nose in the front and does not come past the back of his neck, while always being a rats nest(metaphorically speaking) with a pair of shade to complement it. He wears a butlers uniform while in school, and while at "Work"  with it usually unbuttoned vest and his bow tie undone and hanging off to one side when he is relaxing, showing off his chest and the white button up shit he wears. He also is usually seen caring a pack of cigarets, and seems to smoke one on a regular basis.

Personality:Kace is a hot headed adult who finds messing people hilarious, as he sees it that every one needs to be knocked down a peg at times. He is known for talking back to the instructor, and being a personal person, tending to him self most of the time. Though he is like this, on the inside Kace can't bare to see the weak get messed with, and the people he cares for hurt. He is like an alpha wolf, always there to protect his pack. His major flaw is that his Arrogance is great, believing him self invincible, though the use of his power.

Wisp: Megan is a light hearted wisp, who her self is very fond of men like Kace, finding there personality aspiring. Finding the people who protect others to be the ones who deserve protection she urges Kace to seek out a woman for his future, and so she can always see her "Hero" protect someone he loves. Megan finds love to be a strange and curious thing, and that love has the greatest gravitational pull.

Wisp Class: Matter class: Gravity manipulation, mainly the increase of it. It is used by Kace in the form of using it on him self to increase his strength and speed. He can also use it to slow other down by making the gravity heavy around them. This saps Kace of energy, and he has to constantly keep fit to make sure he can keep it up for long periods of time. He will gain a nose bleed and worse if he over uses it.

Gravity manipulation increased: using the power that Megan has, Kac Edna increase Gravity on object of parts of a body/person, allowing him to increase his weight, or his enemies weight, can also be used to make his punches hit harder, and to increase his strength though training, can also be used on others for the same effect.

Gravity manipulation lessen: Kace can lessen Gravity in a area, allowing him to make it so the objects and creatures are lighter, making it so he can increase speed and float for a small time. Is twice as hard to do as the increased Gravity is.

Gravity pull: he can give him self a minor gravitational pull, allowing him to stick to thing for a short period of time. Will make him sick after a while.

Weakness: Anger, Arrogance and betrayal. All of these affect him, and he can become stricken with grief, which will make his mental control of his power waver, and anger will make him  want to relive it, which he does by fighting, everything he can. He has major anger issues, and gets angry when he is defeated.

Talents: Cooking, Unarmed combat, Phisical training, Coaching.

Other: Hates Avacado, and has a interest in running a Bar at some point to give Espers a place to work.

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