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Obvious bully's  Empty Obvious bully's

Post by Zandor on Fri May 29, 2015 5:54 pm

Rowen new he wouldn't like people outside of the academy when he saw people give him looks like he was the devil him self he didn't let it bother him though he liked school it had an amazing view of the lake but when some kids who looked a few years older then him walked over he instantly heard. "Rowen I suggest we walk away these guys look like they want to kill us. Rowen was a little scared not because of the big guys because whenever he let his emotions out to much there was a fire. When they walked up to him he put up the best fake smile he could do. "Hi I'm rowen do you need something ." The people in the hall where surprised he was calm at obvious bully's who he most likely knew where gonna try and Hurt him and they where really tall kids at that. "Rowen i really can't keep Control much longer."


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