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Katya Rafe


Years at Academy:
New Arrival (0 years)

Father: Glenn Rafe (Deceased). Step- Father: Marcel Kernigan. Mother: Dahlia (formerly Rafe) Kernigan. Older Brother: Magnus Rafe. Older Brother: Leonidas Rafe. Older brother : Felix Rafe

 Katya was born to one parent, and three older brothers in Blackpool. While her mother was getting ready for the birth of their first female baby, the first female child born in four generations, the boys seemed to just go crazy. They didn’t want a girl in the house, especially if it was a baby, but it was far too late to do anything now as there was only three months left until little Katya entered the world. Magnus, Leonidas, and the littlest Rafe, Felix (yes, those are their actual names, Dahlia was a very… eccentric person) did everything they could to prevent anymore ‘girly’ things from entering their home. Even if it meant pushing a crib out of a two story window, which they totally did, but their antics did nothing and three months later a midnight rush to the hospital was required.

 By then the brothers were excited for Katya’s birth, as it would mean another Rafe would be born as well and as every family knows, strength in numbers yes? Oh yes, the brothers were planning something; something that would probably take years to accomplish. Magnus, being the older and smartest of the three, composed a plan that would make Katya grow up to be as male as she could be so their brotherhood wouldn’t be infiltrated and destroyed, because as well all know, the Brotherhood was sacred and needed protection. Leonidas didn’t really like the plan. He was alright with Katya, just as long as he didn’t have to do diaper duty during her infant years, though his hopes and dreams of a dirty diaper free life would never be fulfilled. Felix, well, he was the youngest so he decided to follow Magnus and it totally wasn’t because Magnus threatened him or anything. However, their plans were foiled after Dahlia found the planning sheets in Magnus’ room. The brothers were fine, until Felix started singing like a canary and told their mother everything.

 Skip to four years later and little Katya was one of them… mostly. She was still girly enough to be classified as a female, thanks to her mother, but she still loved to play in the mud, collect bugs and mess with the other family members and such. Just like her brothers had taught her. They were a close-knit family, but that soon changed when a mysterious man showed up saying that ‘he had the right to claim his daughter’ or something like that. All that Katya could remember was him shouting at her mother and waving papers around. It confused her immensely, but soon enough she was being shipped off across the country to live with the man. By that time, Katya was sure that the only reason she was with him was because her other family didn’t want her. Right then and there was the day Katya decided that her ‘other family’ was not her family anymore.

 The mysterious man, or Glenn as she came to know him as, was much more lenient than Dahlia and usually let Katya get away with most things. After a few years Katya had quickly adapted to his nomadic ways, and was basically trained to unpack, stay for a few months, pack up, and leave. Sometimes the duo stayed longer than three months and when those special ‘after months’, as Katya began to call them, Katya was prepared to actually settle down and gain friends. However the ‘after months’ never lasted longer than two months, which was not enough time for Katya to actually make a name for herself.  She was just called a Nomad, like her father was and sometimes she hated it. She hated having only one friend, and that was Glenn.

 When Katya was twelve, the two found themselves in a shady town. The name ‘Shady’ came from Katya, of course, from the amount of graffiti on the walls, the loiterers that hung around alley ways and corner stores, and then there was that one time where a shop and everyone in it was being held at gunpoint by some broke man wanting money but we aren’t going into that right now. Glenn had told her to stay inside the small Motel room they checked into while he was out to get some ‘things’, but naturally Katya had to go out and explore the new area. Bad idea on her part, as when she went out Glenn had come in. He came back to the room, and after realizing his daughter was gone he had stupidly gone out to look for her. Katya had found herself following after.. something, but she couldn’t quite put her finger on what it was. It was almost translucent, and white in color, almost like a ghost. Before she got the chance to reach her hand out and touch it, a cop car blaring its sirens flew past her and whatever it was had disappeared. After the first came a few others, three to be exact, and when the twelve year old followed the sound of sirens she came across a crowd of people. A crowd of people circling a crime scene in which someone had been shot, and two others beaten. Who knew that would be the day Glenn Rafe died, because Katya surely didn’t.

 The next four years were hell for Katya. She had to move back in with her ‘other family’. The ones that had shipped her off in the first place. Things had changed in the Rafe home. Magnus had moved out, Leonidas and Felix were older and more ‘mature’, and Dahlia had found a new ‘hubby’ and seemed to be attached to his side. Katya wasn’t the only one with someone, more so something, attached to her side. She felt as if something was following her, and it creeped her out immensely. Weird things started happening, and really it all started when she got into a fight with Dahlia’s husband who was ‘trying to replace her father’, and that was coming from Katya herself. Once the weird things started, people were called, and when people were called.. Things went downhill. At the age of sixteen Katya was being shipped off yet again but to a place where she would supposedly ‘fit in’, in a completely new country..

Physical Appearance:
 Katya has more of a circular face with a sharp chin. Her forehead is a bit wide, which she hates, but when she tried to cover it up with bangs one time, it hadn't worked out so well and she had thought it looked bad, so she stuck with letting her hair grow out so it would frame her face instead, which it does better than she had expected it would. Everyone tells her that she has a ‘cute little button’ nose, not that she really ever understood what that meant, but her nose is dead set in the middle of her face - where it belongs. It's a bit small and narrow until it widens up a bit at the end. When she's angry her nostrils flare, which is never a good sign, an angry Katya means you bettah run for the hills.

 Luckily, Katya was gifted with a symmetrical face, which makes her more a little more appealing - according to science at least. Her chocolate eyes aren't too far apart and not too high up on her face, and her lips are medium sized but plump. Not excessively that they look as if they were stung by bees, but her lips are "full" which is one way to put it, or "kissable" as some would say. Though "kissable" is a weird things to say. . . In general, Katya is easy on the eyes, but nothing too special.

 Katya is a good girl — really, she is. Well, in some aspects, at least. She's good in the sense that she's protective of her loved ones, and anyone else that catches her interest. Besides being street smart and knowing exactly how she's going to do things. She's accomplished a lot, and in turn, she's gotten arrogant about it. Katya finds a great deal of enjoyment in testing the limits of others and finding out what exactly their boundaries are — and then going beyond those boundaries. Katya is extraordinarily temperamental - most people find her a task to handle. She is so high up in the sky one minute you can barely reach her, and the next she has tumbled so far down nothing can save her; she throws people completely off guard. Maybe that's the whole point. Katya has never been one to stick to the rules in life. She doesn't take traditions very seriously, and enjoys making up her own rules along the way. She makes plenty of mistakes, some she learns from and some she repeats as if she's expecting a different result.

 She has tiny quirks and ticks that can send her flying in a totally different direction to what you imagined. The second an idea pops into her head, even if it seems outrageous to everyone one, Katya is off to see what would happen if she goes through with it. The ideas range from something as small as seeing what would happen if she put a pudding cup in the microwave for a minute to something as big as trying to build her very own time machine. Oh yeah, she's trying to build one. Some believe that she may actually achieve just that. Katya is a little crazy, but she just likes to do anything that will keep her busy for a little while no matter what it is.

 Owren, as Katya personally named him, is quite the Wisp. They met when Katya was with her father, and Owren seemed to have followed her back to her ‘other family’. He grew on her in so many ways once she was known of his presence. He will talk about himself in the third person, and sometimes narrate Katya as she goes about her daily life much to Katya’s distaste. It's quite an interesting sight, really. On the flip side, patience is not one of his virtues; he wants to move when the impulse strikes him. Owren hates waiting, more importantly he hates to be kept waiting. He also has quality that tends to display itself more as 'bitchy'. It's not that Owren ever sets out to intentionally hurt someone's feelings but sometimes things happen. There's no point in his mind to 'sugar coat' things for people. Even if some things should be kept up in his head, they pour out of his lips before he can even help himself. Returning back to his unusual nature, Owren is actually very mischievous and way more ‘out there’ than Katya is. Other than those good traits that make up the ‘being’ known as Owren, he is just overall a weird.. Wisp.

Wisp Class:
Beast Class

 Owren has bestowed to Katya the power to shift into an ocelot, well all felines but the ocelot is her favorite. Owren thought it would be funny, but to his dismay Katya has put her powers to her advantage. Who knew how much stuff she can get away with now that she was able to run on four feet instead of two. It’s not only that, her human senses heighten when shifted which is way better than it sounds. She prefers the ‘second skin’ much more than regular human Katya, but who would just ignore a big cat running around town? However there are downsides to this. Sometimes Katya can’t handle herself,  and begins to actually act like an animal while in human form. Thankfully that usually only happens when she gets angry, just watch out for the nostril flaring and you’ll be good.

 Katya can’t help but well, help people though she knows it’ll cause her trouble in the long run. She’s attracted to people in need, even if they don’t know it themselves. She will constantly force herself onto said person every day until she seems fit to stop. This can be taken as a strength and a weakness, it depends on how it’s taken.

 Katya is exceptionally good at art. Sketching and etching more or less as paint isn’t her best friend, that and Owren would be happy to tip the paint cans over.  Reading people is also another ‘talent’ of hers. She seems to be able to always tell when something is wrong with someone, whether it be the difference in their actions or them just flat out saying ‘somethings wrong with me. Halp’.

 I just realized the length of this. I am so sorry to make you read through this all. O.O Also, I tried to match up Owren’s personality with the Beast Class.. Don’t know if I did alright but it’s there.

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I'm not seeing any issues with the app, approved. wait for somebody else to approve before doing anything though,
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