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Post by GeneralArin on Fri Aug 01, 2014 6:26 pm

Name: Jake Luvolk

Age: 14

Years at Institute: 0, new arrival

Family: Ezio Luvolk(Father), Diane Luvolk(Mother), Loki(Cat. It counts.)

History: Jake grew up in a small town in Colorado with his parents (and cat). His mother, Diane, is a technition and his father is a scientist. So Jake got a lot of exposure to science and mechanics, and grew a general love for knowing how things work.  They are a loving and supportive family, though Loki sometimes expresses impatience at his human's antics. He bonded with a beast-class wisp around 9 years old, and his parents were surprised to see two of their cat. While it took a lot of explaining, his parents became used to Jake's new friend and powers. Mostly Jake used his powers for fun, turning into a bird to fly around, or a dog to play. Eventually, a representative from the Academy came to speak with the family about attending. While Jake was excited, he was hesitant to spend so much of the year away from home. However, after discussing it with everyone (except for Loki, because he deemed it beneath him to speak on such matters) he decided to attend this year. 

Physical Appearance: Jake has golden brown hair that usually looks like it’s never met a hair brush before, with blue eyes that normally always have a smile in them. Speaking of smiles, his signature one is as lopsided as they come, and just about any well-placed remark will put it there. He’s not too much to look at, standing at 5’8” with a light frame normally covered in loose-fitting, comfortable clothing and a green jacket he’s never seen without. He also has a necklace with a constellation engraved into it, which he never takes off. However, he’s lean and can usually hold his own well enough.

Personality: Jake is a friend to everyone. He enjoys any and everyone’s company, so long as they’re not a two-faced jerk who treats his friends and family wrong. His demeanor is as easy-going as they come, and he appreciates a joke and some wit as much as he likes dishing them out. However, Jake also doesn’t know when to quit. If he sets his mind to a task, he’ll put next to everything aside to accomplish it, even things he’s heard are important like food and sleep. He can also be extremely protective over people he cares about, standing up for them even when the odds are against him—which can often get him into multiple scrapes. What he lacks in careful consideration and tact, though, he makes up for in dogged loyalty and having a knack for talking his way out of sticky situations.

Wisp: He and his wisp are buddies. They met at a fairly young age, around 9 years old. Jake dubbed him Wayne, after the hero in the cartoons he watched all the time. They both are playful, with a bit of a mischievous streak, and initially mainly transformed either for fun, to play with Loki, or for some mischief. They both are creative and impulsive, so several bad ideas get exchanged and compounded on a regular basis. 

Wisp Class: Beast Class

Powers: Shapeshifter, can change into any animal that he is familiar with. The more familiar he is with a creature, the better he can imitate it and the faster he can transform into it. He can technically selectively transform bodyparts, but this takes a lot of practice and focus to do so. 

Weakness: Jake has a bit of a hero complex, and will drop everything to help someone in need, especially if it's someone close to him. 

Talents: Jake's a gearhead, he's well-versed with mechanical systems and computers. A very fast learner. He's also pretty good at chess, if you can convince him to sit for it.

Other: I totally only named the cat Loki because on another rp Jake has a dog named Thor. Oh, actual comments on this Jake... hmm. He likes pizza. Just throw any topping on there and he'll be happy. Except for anchovies. Does anyone actually eat those?

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