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Post by Axel The Bunny on Tue Nov 04, 2014 12:01 am

Name: Alton “Al” Breckenridge

Age: 9

Years at Academy:

Family: Edward Breckenridge (father) Tonya Breckenridge (mother)

History: Alton was born into an incredibly rich family,  his father Edward is one of the ten richest people on the planet in fact. Most would assume this would leave the parents to busy to raise their child, however this was not the case for Al. His parents believed they needed to raise the successor to the family fortune into greatness, and despite them having good intentions, could occasionally come across s manipulative towards the child. His father was quite busy, but managed to make some time with his family and young son, often making a spectacle out of their family events for the media to see this “perfect” family,  Regardless of their intentions, despite his parents intentions, as well as him being put in elitist schools with other incredibly wealthy children, Al wasn’t intent on becoming a part of his parents world.
He would learn ways to get away from the bodyguards his parents assigned to him, and instead hung out with ordinary kids from middle class families. Alton learned to skateboard early on, and his parents were less than enthusiastic about their sons friends, who were more focused on getting a rush from skateboarding over anything else. Despite this, his parents didn’t try to push too hard, fearing they would turn their son against them if they pushed too hard.  His wisp came to him at the age of 9, and the academy found him six months later. It took a lot to convince his parents, but eventually they decided it would  be good for him, and consented to their son going.

Physical Appearance: Alton has short purple hair, though it was originally red.(His parents were pissed) He is white, being of Irish ancestry, and is slightly shorter than other kids his age, and is often the shortest of the group. He has green eyes, and generally dresses in a skater punk style.

Personality: Al is free-spirited and carefree. He generally doesn’t stress out about things, and prefers to live in the moment rather than think about details. Al is generous, and would be more than happy to fund other’s happiness. Often this could make him easily manipulated, though he usually doesn’t give off the aura of a rich kid.  He is also rather rebellious, not thinking of rules or consequences to his actions, and generally ignoring authority.  Al is actually the type to formulate plans, despite his carefree nature. Al is also a pacifist, he doesn’t like using his powers to cause harm, and will most likely avoid conflict. This does not mean hhe won’t use his powers to defend himself if needed however.

Wisp: Alton’s wisp is named Odin, unlike most wisps; he does not directly speak with Al most of the time. Instead, they communicate through emotions. Odin originally chose to bond with Alton due to his carefree nature. Only rarely does he directly interact or interfere with Alton’s actions, the only time the two have actually spoken to each other was the day they bonded.

Wisp Class: Elemental

Powers: Alton has the power to control air and wind, he can manipulate both freely, and can even use his powers to fly, he often uses his power while on his skateboard to fly around, it’s fun. Alton will b able to use this power in a multitude of ways, however it is difficult for him to control currently, perhaps he will get better though.

Weakness: Alton is rather easy to manipulate and naïve. He doesn’t care about social or economic status, and rarely questions the motives of others, especially those he considers his friends.

Talents: Skateboarding, obviously. Getting himself into trouble,

Other: He likes pizza. He’s also rather sensitive about his height.
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