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Post by GeneralArin on Thu Jul 31, 2014 6:29 pm

In this universe, it's a fairly new thing for people to gain superpowers, and they come from a strange kind of creature that has recently started appearing in the world after a series of meteorite impacts. These have come to be called "wisps". 

They have been compared to "ghosts" and the like, though they are clearly not the souls of deceased humans. On their own, they are fairly intangible and cannot interact much with the physical world. They form symbiotic bonds with certain types of people that are generally referred to as "conduits." (When the bond is formed, the person is referred to as an "Esper".) Espers receive superhuman abilities from their wisps that vary in type and strength depending on the type and age of the wisp. A wisp generally bonds with a candidate that shares personality traits or interests with them. Bonds can technically be dissolved at will, but this is uncommon, as both members benefit from the bond, and they both usually enjoy it. 
Unbonded wisps run the risk of overloading from their pent-up energy, with the risk increasing the longer time it is without a host. Occasionally, the wisp will survive for an unusually long time while unbonded, but goes insane from the energy build-up in its system. These "spectres" are incredibly violent, and are powerful enough to physically harm people and objects, and will even attempt to cannibalize other wisps. 

Wisps are divided into different classes by the powers they grant, for convenience's sake.

Beast Class:
This class of wisp tend to bestow powers of different animals on their host, such as heightened senses, superhuman strength, or even the ability to transform into one or more creatures. 
They tend to be playful and impulsive. 

Elemental Class:
This class of wisp bestow some sort of elemental power, such as control over water, the ability to shape earth, stone or metal, or the ability to conjure fire. 
They tend to be emotional and careful. 

Sage Class:
This class of wisp bestow psychic powers on their host, such as telekinesis, telepathy, and other things that have to do with the psyche. 
They tend to be calculating and curious. 

Matter Class:
This class of wisp has more unusual power sets, such as teleportation, invisibility, and intangibility. 
They tend to be eccentric.

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