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Post by GeneralArin on Fri Oct 24, 2014 10:12 pm

Name: Emma Driksen

Age: 15

Years at Academy: 3

Family: Christine Dirksen, mother.  Andrew Driksen, Step-father. Carver Halle, uncle. (Carver is Christine's brother.)

History: Unlike most people at the Academy, Emma is actually from Hawthorne Valley. Her birth father left when she was very young, and she doesn't remember much of him. But when she was five, she got a new dad named Andrew Driksen, and as far as she's concerned, he's the only one she needed. Her mother is a professor at Montana State University, and Andrew is a businessman. His job often takes him traveling, and while he brings the family along as much as he can, he's still gone for long periods of time. While they are loving and supportive parents, they also work long hours. Being an only child, Emma spent a lot of time alone with baby sitters or day cares, until one day she got a new playmate who called himself Bernard. Incidentally, around this time teachers and caretakers expressed concern about her suddenly talking to the lucky figurine as if it were alive. What was obvious to her was that a kindly wisp brought the stone figure to life. Emma and Bernard quickly bonded, with Bernard doing duty as a playmate and guardian. Bernard is significantly more mature than his companion, often feeling like a cheerful uncle. Speaking of Uncles, Emma started attending the academy on the other side of town when her uncle, Carver, joined the staff. She boards at the Academy for the thrill of living away from home and to be around new people, but she regularly hangs out at her own home. 

Physical Appearance: Emma has short hair. She is 5'4" and Caucasian. .Emma likes her hoodies and usually drifts to brighter colors and extravagant patterns. 

Personality: Emma is bold and adventurous. She loves to go out on a limb to discover something new. She is outgoing and friendly and very inquisitive. She will gladly investigate something that is important or interesting. She also is playful, which makes her a good match with Bernard.

Wisp: Bernard is a rather boisterous personality, fairly loud and excitable. While he's friendly and playful, he also is fiercely protective of his esper and any close friends. Angering him or hurting his esper will quickly awaken his ferocious wrath. He tries to make sure that he keeps himself in check, especially when leaving Emma for a brief period of time, lest he loses control....

Wisp Class: Elemental Class

Powers: Earth manipulation. Emma and Bernard can move dirt, sand, and stone with a force of will. A subtle motion is usually required to move and sculpt the material, though she might be able to eliminate the need for this with extensive practice. Bernard can also temporarily inhabit an earthen body, bringing it to life and controlling it from within. While on his own, Bernard can still control the earth, but Emma cannot until he returns. Bernard can only be away from her for a short amount of time without feeling strain, and they try to keep a maximum of two hours. If Bernard has been away for the full two hours, when he comes back he usually needs some time to recover. If they absolutely need to use powers immediately, Bernard can theoretically use some of Emma's energy to do so, but this would cause strain on both of them, and Bernard just generally doesn't approve of doing this. The larger form he takes and the more he uses his powers while away, the greater the strain and longer recovery time required. 

Weakness: For her powers to work she needs to either be in contact with the material she can manipulate or have a direct line of sight. If there is a metal plate over the ground, it will interfere. Bernard can still leave if there is a body of earth he can possess nearby, but only for a limited amount of time.

Talents: Emma is fairly artistic and enjoys drawing and sculpting and just creating various fantastical things. Which she often toys with when it comes to making new golem forms for Bernard to play with. 

Other: When Bernard is possessing a statue, the eyes and occasionally other markings glow. And obviously she likes pizza. The more toppings the better! Except for anchovies. Does anyone actually eat those? Bernard also enjoys beverages while having his own body, for whatever reason. Though acidic things like soda don't usually agree with him. Emma carries a small figurine in her pocket at all times for Bernard to spontaneously posses. Bernard can talk to anyone while possessing a statue. This is possibly the largest 'other' section I've written.

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