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Post by Caelum on Fri Oct 03, 2014 11:47 am

Name: Caelum Pride

Age: 15

Years at Academy: 3

Oliver Pride(Father)
Sierra Pride(Mother,Deceased)
Alexis Pride(Aunt)
Madison Pride(Older sister)
Marissa Pride(Stillborn younger sister)

History: Caelum’s life started its downward spiral when he was just a toddler. By the time Caelum was three, Sierra had become pregnant with a third child, a baby girl. The Pride family were overjoyed, and named her Marissa. But Marissa was never able to see the light, on a fateful September day.

It had been a chilly, yet wonderful September morning, and the little family were going on a trip to the national park. Sierra had been eight months pregnant, Caelum almost four and Madison nearly eleven. The outing was supposed to be fun. It was supposed to be a treat. But when a truck slammed into the family car, the world turned upside down.  Sierra, died right on the spot, and the rest were badly injured. Out of five family members, three survived, Marissa following her mother to the underworld immediately.

It was then, that Madison and Caelum needed Oliver. But when Sierra died, Oliver died as well, completely losing the will to live. Oliver immediately sold the house that his family used to live in, then moved in with his sister Alexis, who owned a small restaurant. Madison and Caelum grew under her care, while Oliver destroyed himself inside and out, constantly reminded of the fact that he was unable to save his lover-and their daughter as well.

Soon, he became an alcoholic. Alexis gradually became unable to care for the two as well, with the restaurant and three more mouths to fill.  Caelum and Madison grew up ignored, unloved and lonely. It didn’t help that Madison disappeared after she got a scholarship to a distant college. Madison escaped the family’s misfortunes, leaving behind a traumatized Caelum who was barely eleven.

It was then, that Caelum met the wisp. The wisp that changed his life. The brunette immediately took a liking to the wisp, which lighted up his life and gave him a reason to put up with the monstrosity he called his life. Caelum named it Maisie, after his stillborn sister. The school found him a few months later, when the behavior of his alcoholic father caught the attention of his school authorities. Oliver was sent to rehab, and Caelum somewhat happily installed in the academy. He’s been here for three years-and he’s not planning on leaving until he’s legal.

Physical Appearance: Caelum has straight, brown fringe that's slightly long for boys his age. His eyes are a deep blue, but are often trained on the ground, or the pages of a book, framed by black glasses. He's thin, almost too thin, but muscular at an acceptable level. He loves plaid shirts, or tees matched with his favorite black hoodie. He's actually quite pretty, but only a handful of people get to see his face properly.

Personality:Caelum is usually very quiet. He rarely cares about what happens to the people around him, and keeps to himself. He hardly ever talks, and only answers comments directly aimed at him. He is very intellectual, and spends his time reading. Most people treat him as a part of the background. Some people worry about his mental health, but Caelum seems perfectly the outside. If he seems to be unusually extroverted and bubbly, Maisie's influencing him. Or maybe he just likes to be "normal" sometimes.

Wisp: Caelum's wisp goes by the name Maisie. Maisie is like an adviser as well as a little sister for Caelum. Maisie possesses a sort of playful, extroverted side that occasionally comes out in Caelum as well. The two are inseparable, and Caelum very much enjoys her presence.

Wisp Class: Beast Class

Powers: Caelum is a shapeshifter. Usually, he will be able to shift into a wolf. His shapeshifting grants him with enhanced senses(Hearing,Smell,Night Vision), enhanced speed, enhanced strength, predator instinct, enhanced stamina, and enhanced durability.

Weakness: Caelum is insecure. His mind is full of negative or highly calculative thoughts. The last thing he needs to hear, is a cruel remark from a bully. But since he's naturally reserved and quiet,he's always an attraction for bullies. He doesn't trust people, even his teachers. He might be depressed, but doesn't consider it much. As long as he knows, he's operating alone. Always was, always will.  It tends to cause some problems in situations where teamwork is crucial.

Talents: Caelum likes to write. He keeps around a notebook, and carries it always. Sometimes it’ll be filled with a journal entry. Maybe it’ll be an essay. Occasionally a crude drawing. But it’s usually writing, and the bullies who periodically steal it say he’s pretty talented.


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Post by Axel The Bunny on Fri Oct 03, 2014 12:41 pm

looks good to me, approved
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