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Post by Axel The Bunny on Thu Jul 31, 2014 1:38 am

Name Axel Stone

Age: 16

Years at Institute: five

Family: Rebbeca Stone (mother, Deceased) Daryl Stone

History: Axel was born in New York city, His father had left his mother before he was born, so he spent his early childhood living in a small apartment with her, When Axel was around the age of seven his mother died in a fatal car crash, and he was put into the foster system. He had gone through a few rough houses after that before landing in one house that wasn’t as bad for about a year. There he ended up spending time with some older boys who taught him to steal. The older boys used him after discovering he had talent as a thief, up until he was eventually caught and moved to another home. He continued getting into trouble in foster homes after that, stealing other kids’ belongings and even planting them on different kids to start fights. Axel’s powers along with the wisp which he calls Casper. Axel’s use of his powers attracted the attention of the institute, and so he was picked up shortly after turning eleven. Axel has since been in training, though he has a habit of skipping training nowadays, convinced he doesn’t have anything else to learn. He has a similar habit of teleporting out of school. Axel has taken the role of a scout for missions, As well as investigate possible spectre appearances. Usually ahead of the rest of the team in order to confirm the creatures appearance. As well as discovering it’s potential class or powers. Axel has been at the institute longer than other students, and may act arrogantly about that at times.

Physical Appearance
 Axel has spiky black hair and green eyes. He’s about 6’2, and could be described as lean, not necessarily overly skinny, but not bulky or muscle-bound. Axel often wears a longcoat (duster) when on mission.

Axel is a mischievous person, impulsive and uncaring about the opinions of others. He has a way of getting under even the most patient person’s skin. Despite this he is difficult to anger, usually managing to keep his cool, cocky attitude even when being physically attacked. Axel has shaky morals at best, and is more than willing to close a fight with a less than honorable move. He likes to see how people react to things, and will often push a person’s buttons just to get a reaction out of them. Axel is also confident and usually interacts with people. He can be friendly at times, though he usually maintains a Devil-May-Care attitude. Axel is also rather observant, usually reading people’s body language. He has been known to display intelligence on multiple occasions as well. Axel is also rebellious and independent, he doesn’t let silly things like rules or laws control him. Also Axel is a kleptomaniac, and has no respect for people or their possessions.

Wisp: The wisp is known as Casper, as Axel dubbed it. It is a slightly eccentric but reasonably logical wisp that acts as a conscience for Axel at times. This wisp is one of the ones that will directly interact with it’s partner. Casper has a stronger sense of right and wrong than Ax does, and generally tries to keep him walking the right path. Despite this the wisp can be stubborn and impulsive, Casper even has a mischievous side.

Wisp Class:Matter class

Powers: Teleportation, Clairvoyance. Both have a limited radius of one mile.

Weakness: Axel’s biggest weakness would probably be his lack of respect to others, which generally causes him to fail at working with others on a team.

Talents: Axel is a talented thief, knowing both how to pickpocket and pick locks. He also has an almost supernatural talent of pissing people off. Axel is also a very talented cook, and while he doesn't talk about it much is skilled at playing the piano, specifically jazz music.
Other: N/A
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