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Dorm Assignments Empty Dorm Assignments

Post by Axel The Bunny on Fri Sep 12, 2014 3:01 pm

Okay, here are the dorm assignments, I'll number them for convenience sake. Just so you know, these are all randomized for the most part, so you have no part in deciding who rooms with you, just like real dorms.


Dorm 1 - Axel Stone
Dorm 2 - Jake Arin Luvolk , Rowan Tate
Dorm 3 - Lee Hedley, Scott Davis
Dorm 4 - Caelum Pride, Jayce Marcos


Dorm 1 - Naomi Mclaughlin, Seraphine Simmons
Dorm 2 - Atiya Zamorano, Julia Everett.
Dorm 3 - Piper Ochoa, Amber Atlaya
Dorm 4 -  Emma Dirksen, Catryn Greyling
Dorm 5 - Gypsy Venir, Autumn O'Reilly

Children's Dorm
(dorm for those 12 and under, boys are on the right side, girl's on the left side, this is a single wing.)

Dorm 1 - Kyain Ava, Ginger Fyxen
Dorm 2 - Alton Breckenridge

These may be subject to change, and like I said, are all completely randomized.  But for now, these are the room assignments for approved characters. If I missed you for any reason just tell me so I can throw you in there somewhere.
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