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Post by Axel The Bunny on Wed Aug 27, 2014 8:45 pm

Name: Atiya Zamorano

Age: 14

Years at Academy: New

Family: Fernando Zamorano, Nita Zamorano (Both deceased)

History: Atiya was born in a low class neighborhood in Las Angelos. Her mother was a Native American woman who had left the reservation two years before Atiya was born, and her father was an immigrant who had come to the states only a few years before. Her life wasn’t too bad despite being poor, that is until she turned five and her mother was killed in a car crash. Atiya’s father turned to the bottle after that, and gradually became more and more unstable. He would beat her for the tinniest of mistakes or even for no reason at all. When she turned 8, Atiya came home from school to find her father had hung himself. She was put into the foster system, and had started fighting with other kids soon after entering. She would run from the homes she would be put in, try to survive on the streets, and then end up thrown back into the system when she was caught. This pattern continued for several years, and at the age of twelve after running from one of these foster homes she met up with a wisp. The wisp, which Atiya had decided to call “Mia” had been attracted to Atiya because of her free spirit, and quickly made the decision to bond with her. She was picked up by the academy two years later, and the story continues.

Physical Appearance: Atiya has dark skin, being half Hispanic and half Native American. Her dark brown hair is upper back-length, usually kept in a ponytail, with short bangs that part at the middle. Atiya is slightly shorter than average, and as a side effect of her ability has some rather noticeable fangs similar to a canines (a dog, wolf, or fox) though these aren’t necessarily always noticeable They can be noticed slightly when she smiles sometimes. Atiya is shorter than average, about 5’2. She usually dresses in simple jeans and a tank top.

Personality: Atiya isn’t an easy person to be around, she often isn’t friendly, and can best be described as a volatile and aggressive type of person. She is more than willing to resort to violence to get her way, and often swears or insults people. She is a Free-spirited and independent person; however this isn’t to say she dislikes people or being around them. She usually gets her way, by force or other means. Atiya is reckless, stubborn, and ruthless most of the time. She loses her temper easily, and is incredibly impulsive. She does have a more heroic side to herself, especially when children are involved, however she would probably be the last person to admit it.
Wisp: Atiya’s wisp named Mia, is a rather rational wisp, it usually tries to keep Atiya from doing something that may be crossing a line, but generally stays quiet and simply observes what is going on. She finds humans interesting, and often shows an interest in human cultures.
Wisp Class: Beast class

Powers: Atiya’s power is to take on attributes of several different types of animals. These attributes can include things like a cat’s agility or a fish's gills, though she isn’t able to take on attributes such as wings or fins, at least not yet. She can also grow claws if she needs too, which she will do for self-defense purposes. She also has impressive strength and physical endurance though not necessarily super human. Also she can’t take an attribute from an animal she’s never touched before.

Weakness: Her own recklessness, Atiya doesn’t usually plan ahead, and often doesn’t think before doing something. Generally she relies more on emotion and instinct than on logic and reason. This can often cause her to make stupid decisions and even endanger her own life.

Talents: Atiya is fluent in Spanish, since her father rarely spoke English around the house. She is also a good driver, regardless of the fact she doesn’t have a license. She knows how to survive on the street and is unnaturally gifted athletically.
Other: She likes pizza.
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