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Leave of Absence - Cerulaen (Admin) Empty Leave of Absence - Cerulaen (Admin)

Post by Cerulaen on Sun Aug 10, 2014 5:27 pm

Hey guys,

  So, I'm not going to be RPing at all, or even online much, for quite a while--possibly several months, I don't know how long. I've got some personal RL things I need to take care of, and other priorities much higher up on the scale than RPing that I need to fulfill (including college-related things). Besides that, I mainly need to take a break from RPing, since it's over-taken my life in the past year.

  BUT, enough about me personally--on to how it affects the site.

  My character Daquiri is a teacher in the Academy, and she will be gone from the school on some sort of specialized mission until I get back. This is why the training sessions are on hold, until things can be worked out between the other teachers to take over lessons on combat training--most likely some form of co-teaching or interchangeable teachers.

  Then there's my student, Julia, who is much easier since she's a newbie to the school--she will simply be arriving at the school at a later time, probably right before Daquiri gets back. This way, I will still be able to fulfill already-planned plots.

  I hope you all have lots of fun with this storyline while I'm away, and I trust you'll all play nice. If you've got any questions, comments, concerns, there's still the other admins, Ax and Jake, to bug.

With much love,

~ Ceru
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