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Post by Cerulaen on Tue Jul 29, 2014 11:53 pm

Name: First and Last Name

Age: Try to make it older than 11,  and younger than 21. (Note: The youngest that will be accepted is 8, and if you are at that age you need to be new. We don't need toddlers thrown into the RP and wisps rarely bond with people younger than 10.)

Years at Academy: New characters will not be allowed to have been at the Academy for five or more years.

Family: First and Last Names. Even if they're dead, they were alive at some point. Include them.

History: Your life up until this point in the roleplay. This includes your former home life, major events, and if applicable, sum up your time at the Academy. At least 6 sentences. Be sure to include details!

Physical Appearance: At least 4 sentences. Be sure to include details!

Personality: At least 4 sentences. Be sure to include details! Remember, you're describing a person. Try and tell how your character reacts to people and situations. This does not include facts like how your character likes pizza. Include a personality flaw, too.

Wisp: Wisps are people, too! Include it's basic personality here, and how it interacts with your character. (This does not include what powers it gives them, but can include what the two of you prefer to use your powers for.) You should give your wisp a name, because it does have its own personality and opinions, and you probably would want to call your wisp something unless your character (or the wisp) is for some reason really averse to it. Then you should probably say why. 

Wisp Class: The classes are listed in this lore topic. Choose a class based on your character's dominant power, not by any related side powers. 

Powers: There are these super human abilities that your character possesses: we call these "superpowers". Describe them here, preferably with lots of details, and specifics are always nice. (As a rule of thumb, don't have cross-class powers, unless they're minor and directly relate to the main power)

Weakness: Everyone has one. We won't tell.... because Batman already knows. This can be anything from a glowing space rock to a relationship to bad pizza. Try to make it reasonable, and detail what it is and how it affects your character.

Talents: Anything of note that your character is good at, including hobbies. To be considered a talent, it needs to be above the normal level of skill.

Other: Anything else about your character of note. If it's that important to you, this is where you put that your character likes pizza.
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